Northstar Funding Partners (NSFP), a leader in life insurance premium finance for twenty years offers the ZS Platform – an industry benchmark with NO COMPENSATION SPLIT!


  • Corporate, Trust and Special Purpose Vehicle lending in all 50 states

  • Most loans do not incorporate a personal guaranty

  • No annual loan re-qualification

  • One year LIBOR based rate with a possible 20 year lock of the interest rate spread

  • Ten year loan tenor with automatic renewal for second ten year term

  • Variety of options for interest payment schedule

  • One time .50bps Arrangement/Origination Fee

  • Rate Cap/Collar options are available

  • Balance sheet lender

  • No maximum loan amount

  • Corporate Asset Protection and other unique features for business loans

In addition to 100% of the Lender Acceptable Cash Surrender Value of the financed life policy other possible forms of collateral:

Note: not all forms of collateral are available or acceptable for certain loan situations.
Some assets may need to be deposited with a specific financial institution.

Cash and cash equivalents


- Certificates of Deposit
- Time deposits
- Savings accounts
- Money markets

Marketable Securities 


- Mutual funds
- Individual equities
- Fixed income securities
- Exchange traded funds
- Other registered investment products

Cash surrender value of acceptable life insurance policies


Asset Backed Standby Letter of Credit issued by acceptable financial institution


Real estate


(1) Control agreement, custody arrangement or assignment required

(2) Limited to Lender approved underwriting applicability, conditions and other requirements

(3) Certain restrictions and other conditions apply including but not limited to: location, independent appraisal, encumbrance, property type and purpose and use

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