Northstar Funding Partners (NSFP) has provided finance life insurance solutions for two decades and has funded over 1,000 transactions for financial services professionals nationwide! Our approach is based on comprehensive sales support, a broad range of lender partners and cutting-edge technology – all engineered to make our clientele more efficient and effective. When using NSFP you can have complete confidence that you have delivered the most competitive and carefully designed premium finance loan available.


Given the NSFP unequaled level of tenure and success we understand each potential transaction has nuances and unique requirements. Our range of lending options allows us to approach case design with flexibility and a keen sense of blending the selected product with a loan that meets the planning objective and correctly sets expectations as to future performance. 


Traditional estate planning circumstances


Supplemental personal income or corporate benefits


Corporate lending via an existing corporation or newly formed entity


Broad range of net worth and income qualifications


Group cases


Interest rate spreads that are equal to or lower than private banks – ask NSFP about Assets Under Management (AUM) rates without the AUM


Zero-Compensation /Revenue share in the vast majority of situations


Unique approach to middle- market cases – place business other lenders typically will not review


Foreign /non-resident capabilities


Multi-lender pricing and case evaluation


Multiple collateral options


An extreme focus area for NSFP is ensuring our clientele has access to sales and support services that exceed expectations and set industry benchmarks. The nexus of our offering is comprehensive case design and loan modeling enabled through years of hands-on experience and technology no other provider can match. 

• Proprietary loan modeling software that accounts for policy structure and loan specifications. Refined over many years the proprietary NSFP PF software permits stress testing and prepares dynamic scenario planning. The easy to follow format offers advisors and their clients a time tested method to estimate collateral and other parameters of policy and loan performance.

• Sales illustration assistance that incorporates the unique and critical aspects of premium finance. Our team has worked with virtually every carrier and product and understands the essential methods and techniques.

• Dedicated file and case management. NSFP has a dedicated team of professionals that focus exclusively on case intake and managing the underwriting process. They are dedicated to accuracy and efficiency while keeping you informed through each and every step.

• Education and training. NSFP is regularly providing seminars, webinars and using other forums to review the general aspects of financing in addition to the details on successful case origination and design.

• Specially designed sales concepts and pre-formatted structures such as the  I.R.A.Insured Retirement Advantage ®.

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